The Lord of the Rings – Lossoth’s norsu

norsu – mammoth (”elephant” in finnish)

LOTRO: Norsu-leiri, the Camp of the Mammoth, was established by the Lossoth as a place from which to hunt the native mammoths.

LOTRO: The Lossoth appear in the zone of the Ice-Bay of Forochel introduced in April 2008. The Lossoth skate on ice and push sledges, and have the ability to tame and ride to war on mammoths. Many aspects of their language, culture, and appearance seem to be derived from or inspired by that of the Finnish, Sami, and Inuit peoples.

Dragons also dwelt in Forodwaith

Dragons also dwelt in Forodwaith

The Lord of the Rings – Forochel

The Lord of the Rings – Forochel

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Losson vs peikko

The Lord of the Rings Online / The Northern Waste: Snowmen of Forochel

welcome to forochel

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Society and culture
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